The beginning of a story…

It was a cold chilly night in Naivasha. Rita was home alone surfing and researching various idiocies on celebrity lives. This was the only entertainment she had for the night. Her parents had left for a trip to Mombasa and her sister was out on the town and would probably end up crashing at one of her friend’s places.

 Rita had just graduated and her idea of independence and freedom did not translate into being stuck house-sitting for parents who were out having more fun than she was. As she ogled at the screen wondering what other piece of mindless gossip she could surf, the phone rang.

“Hey Rita.What are you up to?”

“Oh Hi Kat. Nothing much, just passing the time googling the news on brad and Angelina..” Rita said limply.

It was her friend Katana. No doubt she was out having a good time.

“Well, I knew you’d be your usual grumpy self. Honestly Rita, since you graduated you need to take a chill pill. If only for the simple reason that you do not have to bury yourself in the books anymore. Anyway I have the greatest news! I hope you’re sitting because you will scream! Eeek!” Katana screeched over the phone making Rita pull away from the headpiece.

“Jeez Katana. You’re going to make me deaf. What is it?” she asked vaguely curious.

“Well, you know the Travel society at Uni..?” Kat began

“Yes, the one that plans trips but they never actually go on them?” Rita asked

“Yes that one! Anyway, they’re going to Liema in West Africa . This time they’re actually going to go. They’ve been sponsored by Escape travel magazine and they have tickets! You know how me and Roko have been talking lately, well he asked me to go!and he said I could bring a friend!eeeek. This is a chance of a lifetime Rita. Adventure, mystery, romance and partying like rockstars!!!.”Katana finished barely able to contain her excitement.

“Wow Katana that sounds great but…”

“But what? Rita? This is an opportunity of a lifetime. This is the adventure your always looking for..get excited babes!!” said Kat

“Ok Ok Jeez. I was just going to say that Roko and his crowd are a little too party hardy..You know Kirimi was caught with cocaine and stuff recently. Can we really trust them?” Rita inquired

“Aii Rita we’re adults and we can take care of ourselves. You know me and Roy have been seeing each other for a long time I trust him. Oh c’mon Rita what’s excitement without a little danger anyway?” said Kat.

Rita weighed her options. Either sit at home watching rubbish television or see the world and experience something new. Katana had been seeing Roko, the head of the Travel society for a while now so maybe it wasn’t such a risk.

“Well, I’ve been saying I need to leave the house. What better way to start eh?”” said Rita

“Yay!! Eeekk! Rita this is going to be more than amazing. Ok I’ll email the details to you right now! Gotta go Bye!”

Katana hang up the phone abruptly leaving Rita alone with her thoughts. She imagined the sun, the nightlife and the new culture she would experience. The more she thought about it, the more excited she became. A little doubt creeped up in her mind about the crowd they were going with. The travel society was a made up of a small group of close friends that spent most of their nights partying and going wild. Rita liked to party as much as the next person but these were not the ‘next people”.

“It doesn’t really matter.” She thought to herself, ‘Just because they party hard doesn’t mean I have to either’ Besides, Kat will be there and I can out hang out with her. She’s just as mellow as I am sometimes.

This distilled her fears and she started thinking about what she would wear…


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