Enjoy God’s Blessings :-)






So I went to the hospital today. Honestly I remembered how important it is to be thankful for  God’s blessings in our lives. We take a lot of things for granted and we never know how important and amazing those things are until they’re gone. Once in a while, I we meet people or go through periods in our lives that remind us of our blessings. I was in hospital vising someone who a few weeks ago seemed healthy and working like the rest of us. He seemed a little tired but nothing that couldn’t be attributed to long working hours! Fast forward a few weeks later and he can’t walk or speak well! It’s sad and frustrating because they can’t figure out what his problem is. I think this is mainly because healthcare is so damn expensive here and he is not getting the proper care and attention he deserves. That’s when you think of your own life and see the blessings.

However, sickness is a part of life I guess. And with the prayer warriors on his team and some support from the company, I am sure he will get better!

Now, this blog was all about light and happiness..so i’ll try and make it lighter but I do not guarantee it :-p




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